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Luxury Gender Reveal Baby Scan Package in Derby (15-40 Weeks)

Luxury Gender Reveal Baby Scan

One of our most popular baby scans.
5* Reviews (Outstanding Patient Care is Our Priority)

It is important to drink 1 litre of water 40 minutes before the scan. Gender Scan from 15 weeks not routinely available via NHS.

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What's Included?

Large Pink or Blue Heart Beat Bear of your choice
Prink or Blue Confetti Canon
Four black & white prints
Well-being check + Report
2D Baby Scan
99%+ accurate Gender Baby Scan (2D Sexing Scan)
EXCLUSIVE Gender Reveal lighting (optional )
1 x Free Rescan if unable to reveal gender due to baby position
FREE 4D Peek (Baby positioning dependent)
15 min appointment
5-10 min scan
Free! Digital Copies of All Images & Movie Clips Emailed to You

Rescans: If we are unable to confirm the gender of your baby we will offer you one free scan at a later date.

Rescans are only available at certain times & days.

If you attend earlier than 15 weeks you will forfeit your ability for a free re-scan if we are unable to confirm the gender of your baby on the day of your appointment.

The video recording has no audio capability.

We do not recommend arranging gender reveal parties on the same day of your scan, this is because if the baby is not in the right position and we are unable to determine the gender we may need to perform a rescan at a later date to confirm the gender of your baby.

Please note that a minimum of 2 weeks between scans is required. Over 18s only

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Why Choose Us?

Affordable prices & packages
Luxurious & relaxing room
State-of-the-art ultrasound technology
Excellent customer reviews
Monitored by the CQC
Member of HCPC
Practice ALARA guidelines

Our Testimonials

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Sarah Smith

Lovely place, Nathan made me feel really comfortable during the scan, very friendly and helpful. Was amazing to see and find out what me and my husband are having for our child and would highly recommend.

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Jenny Peters

Myself and my husband wanted to book a gender scan, and after seeing all the good reviews Numi Scan had we felt like it was the right one to go for. We were not disappointed with our choice, the premises is nice and clean, and Nathan was really personable.

quote 2
Sally Monday

Amazing! I’ve had 5 scans at Numi scan; an early pregnancy reassurance scan, 3 well being scans, and a super star 4D baby scan. Nathan is amazing every single time, the reassurance he’s given me throughout my pregnancy has been an absolute godsend.


Numiscan FAQ's

Why can’t I have a gender reveal scan before 16 weeks?

Your baby simply won’t have developed sufficiently enough for accurate gender identification to be guaranteed. Other baby scan clinics may offer earlier times, but we strongly suggest waiting until 16 weeks so there is sufficient growth for this to be possible every time and assurance to be 99% plus

What is 4D Ultrasound?

4D Ultrasound is the latest generation of ultrasound scanning technology which adds a fourth dimension of time, allowing you to see your baby move in real time. By taking multiple 3D images we can show live-action images of your baby’s movements

What is 3D Ultrasound?

3D Ultrasound is a complex layering of different 2D images and information captured by the sonographer. Our latest ultrasound equipment will make a composite picture that will capture your baby in a 3D image. This will look more like a regular photograph than the traditional old black and white 2D scans that just show a single cross-section. 3D scans mean you will be able to see your baby’s face and features (if at an appropriate size)

What if my baby is in the wrong position?

If we can’t perform your scan properly due to your baby’s positioning not being ideal for scanning then we offer a free re-scan within 2 weeks of the initial appointment (Mon – Fri)

Who will perform my scan?

At Numi Scan Derby we have fully experienced and qualified (HCPC & BMUS) sonographers both male and female to perform your scan. If you have a preference please let us know in the booking procedure and we will accommodate your request as a baby scan is a very personal experience and we understand that mums-to-be can be more comfortable with a male or a female sonographer

Do your scans replace the NHS scans?

No. All our private baby scans are designed to be complimentary to the NHS scans. You should still attend your NHS scans whether you are having extra private scans or not. The NHS can do more in terms of accurately diagnosing any major problems in further tests that ultrasound alone cannot diagnose.

Can I bring family and friends to my scan?

Absolutely, you may bring up to 4 family and friends to enjoy the precious moments with you. Our room has ample seating and a huge 75” LED TV for everyone to see your baby in high definition 2D, 3D or 4D during your scan.

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