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2D, 3D & 4D Baby Scans and NIPT test

Welcome to Numi Scan Derby where our warm and welcoming team are always happy to help, going above and beyond for all of our patients and our ultrasound scan packages have been composed with you in mind.

At Numi Scan Derby we realise this is one of the most amazing times in your life. That's why we provide superior quality images for all of our baby scans.

Our 2D baby scan allows us to check how the baby is doing and provide a wellbeing report with every scan we do. Or alternatively, you can go for one of our 4D baby scan packages that includes a wellbeing report, additional 3D photos and even 4D 'HD Live' movie clips. Letting you share your baby's first smile, Yawn and even get a peek at their tiny little toes with your friends and family!


Full Range Of Baby Scan Packages

At Numi Scan Derby, we offer a full range of Baby scan packages, These include, Early Reassurance scans from as early as 7 weeks, These are ideal for giving you an estimated due date.

Once the baby reaches 16 weeks, we can reveal your baby's gender with our Gender Reveal Scans (99.9% accurate). Or by breaking the news with one of our awesome Confetti Cannons or something a little more discreet like a Secret Envelope or a Gender Reveal box. Then from 25 weeks, you can get to see your babies precious face in 3D,4D and HD. Unlike other clinics, HD comes as standard.

At our Derby Clinic we also offer Well-Being Scans which shows you all of the baby's measurements, weight and much more, As well as Emergency baby scan services for Out of hour scans. This service allows you to have an ultrasound Scan when most clinics are closed.

Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan
From 7-15 weeks
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Reveal Scan
From 15-36 weeks
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4D/HD Live Video Scan
From 24-32 weeks
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Growth & Bonding Scan
From 16 - 40 Weeks
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NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening) Tests

NIPT is a new DNA-based technology blood screening test that can measure the risk of Down Syndrome (trisomy 21) from as early as 10 weeks. All our NIPT tests come with the option of a free reassurance scan before the blood draw. NIPT testing takes about 10 minutes with a total appointment time of approximately 30 minutes.

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Who We Are ?

Numi Scan is a leading provider of private obstetrics ultrasound scans in Derby and the UK. Our custom-built clinics have the latest ultrasound technology with experienced and friendly sonographers. We aim to provide affordable professional services and customer-focused care to ensure you are in very safe and experienced hands.

Our team of sonographers is not only fully qualified but also boasts a wealth of experience in obstetrics ultrasound, consistently delivering the highest standard of 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD images. At Numi Scan Derby, your well-being and satisfaction are at the forefront of our mission.

At Numi Scan Derby, we empathize with the fact that pregnancy and the anticipation of childbirth can be an anxious and stressful time, not only for expectant mothers but also for their partners.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and our clinic. Alternatively, you can conveniently schedule your scan online right away. Here

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State-Of-The-Art Luxury Private Clinic

Our clinics have been designed to create a comfy and relaxed atmosphere allowing you to maximise your bonding experience with your unborn child. We utilise 75” LED TVs meaning you and your guests can enjoy your scans in the highest quality.
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Quality Assurance

We are registered with HCPC and monitored by CQC so you know that we have the highest quality standards and you will receive the best possible treatment .
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How To Find Us

Our luxurious private clinic is located on Nottingham Road in Chaddesden, just a few minutes from the town centre before Chaddesden Park. We have ample off-street parking in the opposite and surrounding streets and can easily be accessed anywhere within Derby in just a few minutes.

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Why Choose Us?

Affordable prices & packages
Luxurious & relaxing room
State-of-the-art ultrasound technology
Excellent customer reviews
Monitored by the CQC
Member of HCPC
Practice ALARA guidelines

Our Testimonials

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Sarah Smith

Lovely place, Nathan made me feel really comfortable during the scan, very friendly and helpful. Was amazing to see and find out what me and my husband are having for our child and would highly recommend.

quote 2
Jenny Peters

Myself and my husband wanted to book a gender scan, and after seeing all the good reviews Numi Scan had we felt like it was the right one to go for. We were not disappointed with our choice, the premises is nice and clean, and Nathan was really personable.

quote 2
Sally Monday

Amazing! I’ve had 5 scans at Numi scan; an early pregnancy reassurance scan, 3 well being scans, and a super star 4D baby scan. Nathan is amazing every single time, the reassurance he’s given me throughout my pregnancy has been an absolute godsend.


Numiscan FAQ's

What is a 4D baby scan?

A 4D scan is an ultrasound examination that allows you to see the face and features of your unborn baby moving in 3 dimensions and in colour. The 4th dimension is time, so you actually see your baby moving and getting up to all sorts of wonderful activities in the wo

Are 4D baby scans safe?

Yes. The 4D scanning process employs the same ultrasound technology used in normal 2D pregnancy scanning. The difference is that powerful computing within the ultrasound machine enables the image of your baby to be viewed in three dimensions.

Therefore 4D scanning is just as safe as the 2D process by which millions of babies have been scanned over the past 30 years. We practice the A.L.A.R.A principle, which stands for As Low As Reasonably Achievable, meaning that the ultrasound settings are very low, but it is still possible to achieve incredible images. In addition, we follow the scanner settings recommended by BMUS, British Medical Ultrasound Society.

Will my obstetric scan detect any abnormalities?

If a problem is detected by one of our sonographers, they do have a duty of care to discuss these findings with you in a sensitive manner. If necessary, we will advise that you contact your primary caregiver so that a follow up scan can be made through them. All mothers should attend their routine hospital scan(s) and not use a scan at Numi Scan as an alternative to an anomoly scan.

At what stage of my pregnancy is it best to have a 3D/4D scan?

For best results we advise having your bonding scan done between 24-34 weeks – optimal between 27 and 32 weeks. However, 4D baby scans can be performed from 13 weeks for a sneak peak during our scans. In order to make sure you can get an appointment at the optimum time you should therefore aim to book around 4 weeks in advance if possible.

When is the best time to have a baby scan if I am having twins?

Twins tend to have less space around them so we usually advise having a 3D/4D scan slightly earlier than usual, at around 19 weeks – 22 weeks.
Can I bring my family and friends along with me to watch my scan?

Absolutely! This is YOUR experience and we encourage you to invite your loved ones along to enjoy the wonderful bonding experience with you (especially since numbers are usually restricted during routine hospital scans). We can comfortably sit 4 in the scanning room, and we do have a large 75 inch wall mounted screen ,so everyone should be able to see.

Is the baby scan always successful?

There are some factors that can affect the success of your scan, the most common being your baby’s position. Baby’s have a mind of their own and sometimes do not want to smile for the camera. However, in this case we will ask you to take a gentle stroll and come back free of charge to see if baby has changed position.
A high BMI can also affect the quality of the images as can reduced amniotic fluid.
The amount of room baby has to move around will also affect the success of your baby scan. If you are having your scan at, for example, 34 weeks, it may be more difficult to get images of baby.


Sometimes baby is lying in such a position that it is impossible to obtain good images. We’ll try all the tricks that we know to attempt to get baby into a better position, however if we are still unable to get any images during your appointment time then we do offer one free rescan usually two weeks following your first appointment.

How do I pay?

We accept debit and all major credit cards. There is no extra charge for using your debit card, however a credit card payment does carry a 1.5% fee of the total amount payable.

What happens if I am late for my appointment?

We understand that you may be running a couple of minutes late, however anyone that arrives later than 10 mins for their appointment may not be able to be seen by our sonographer and you may have to rebook your appointment. There may also be a 50% charge as this will be classed as a missed appointment. (This is at the managements discretion.)

This is to make it fair on people who have appointments booked in for the rest of the day, in order to ensure that their appointments run on time.

Can I still have a scan if I don’t want to know the sex of the baby?

Yes Of course! Please let us know on the day and our Sonographer will tell you when to close your eyesor look away . We can also write this down and seal in an envelope if you are wanting to save for a later date. If you are planning a reveal, we do offer a variety of upgrades on the day to make your Gender reveal party extra special. We have a selection of cannons and heartbeat bears amongst other things to take away on the day.

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